hair today…SORE tomorrow!

My brain surgery was in December…a benign growth removed from on the Left of my head, AND a foramen magnum decompression decompression in the middle of the back of my head…and my brain surgery continued through January, and finished at the end of February…when i had a VP shunt inserted above my ear on the Right side of my head.

So am now more than 6 months after SOME operations and more than 4 since i left hospital. I think in the last month my physical recovery is annoying more as i notice it less! It seems to have plateaued. I feel “stuck”.

As am immobile  – sedentary – weight retaining – unable for exercise – i am OBVIOUSLY not keen to go out for any reason. One thing which MAY seem ludicrously superficial to the cynical out there, BUT, MAY make a difference is IF i looked as if was “normal. my HAIR was always a maintenance area for me.

I even remember one of my few questions on the day i was told of the procedure ahead of me being a reaction to the fact that i had to have 5 electrodes attached for one of my operations and my internal “girl” responded with HAIR PANIC …. well that’s a LONG TIME AGO. i HAVE hair.

So it shouldn’t be a whinge… but in SO MANY places in my hair there are baby patches, a few inches long, some LARGE thinned out and missing area…am keeping highlights up to date but have a very ethical hairdresser who is not keen to go near my scalp with an all over cover. and i respect her. for this.

Here are the BEFORE and during PICTURES…and i apologise to the easily frightened… i DID promise to blog good and bad and ugly!

  • i genuinely wondered should i CUT the hair before surgery….a loud NO!
  • will i do something RADICAL like cut a fringe?…again NO!
  • the one thing i did was i went a shade darker than normal as i was allowing for months of DARK roots!…they were NOT good…so THAT was a good idea!
  • but whatever hair……you will need to have it CUT during brain surgery
  • you have NO real say about how it is stitched or stapled or GLUED… or as in my case a mixture.


the first 3 pictures here are on 23 rd December… the “hair extesion in the rubber glove is taken as SHAVED pre surgery the surgery was on the 27th Dec… the HUMOUR as in the “bow”, the decorous BOW was applied in thatre to separate the good from the bad bits…HUMOUR in its blackest form!. the hairball was about the weight of a tennis ball and pulled painfully at my head day and night. removed as you can see in final pics yesterday. the LAST picture is how it is today. full of GAPS, missing chunks, irregular bald bits , scabs, thistles and hair… HOW DOES IT FEEL?

  • painful
  • physically pulling on some very RAW wounds
  • heavy and dragging.
  • strange to know what was my outer layer, is now scarfed.
  • no COLOUR for 12 weeks
  • no “hair” to do…
  • other than to comb through in mornings
  • leave a comb in (painful) detangling conditioner
  • try to hold the roots to support the cut!
  • painful to lie on, as any hair grows at an angle out of the raw flesh.
  • HAD TO BE CUT – the many chunks and lumps and handfuls that have gone.
  • so emotionally….necessary! …a step towards the hair in 12 weeks time being smooth and in decent condition, and maybe NOT painful enough to cope with a wash cut and blowdry…if the scalp has healed enough then the 12 week regrowth of roots will get a colour…
  • until then…
  • my hair is part of my brain surgery.
  • NOT pretty!
  • no highlights…
  • just another part of recovery

  and in may… the first attempt almost at FRESH AIR…was for fresh HAIR!


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