disclaimer…..all my views

Every so often, i have to take a breather and remind myself that i chose to blog…blog4

and i chose to blog at a time when life was desperately confusing and scary really.

I had just found out i had an unknown “suspected arachnoid cyst” on my brain scan and a malformation at the base of my brain.

I had been unwell…and gradually been less well.

I had retired from work a few years before not really feeling the full extent of the ill health i now have. …although on one famous day as he attempted to cheer up a not very happy wife my husband did so by pointing out i could still crusade for a good and deserving cause by using the famous line “at least you still have your brain!”…..that REALLY was not the right words at the right time….or maybe in hindsight it was?

After a few appointments which were frightening, confusing, isolating and extremely frustrating, I decided it was fairly uncharted territory as i now was the owner of a confirmed chiari malformation also.

So i spoke to a friend and decided i was going to tell it as it evolved…”warts and all”

.I have NO delusional views that I am writing a book anymore than anyone who writes a diary does… i am a ranter, not a writer…

i just use this medium…

  • That i hoped would help me meet others with similar weirdities…
  • i could voice worries that i had and hopefully help others if they read them
  • would help anyone being given the vague information i was to relate to something…
  • and to be honest pretty much saved my sanity at times.
  • So the blog is ME…
  • me on a good day…
  • me recovering from treatment…
  • me ranting about news…
  • me being hurt….
  • me setting high unattainable goals for myself…
  • the pains they cause me
  • me and my moral code…
  • rants about injustice…
  • crusades for truth and justice
  • me feeling low…
  • me enjoying life.
  • But it is MY LIFE,
  • my thoughts and
  • purely my views and opinions.blog5


I do refer to  my health conditions and therefore there are references to generic practitioners.

They are NEVER central to the story, and I have no wish to disregard anyone one.

 I am VERY HAPPY with all those involved in my care – otherwise i would tell them !

I think if you read my blog you will know that!

There may however, be the odd rant or two when the shortfalls of “health provision” as a concept get a good going over- but these are NOT in relation to specific people in my care. i think if i lived in the time of the great crusades i’d have been killed LONG ago…as there IS an inner voice shouting for justice. injustice3

Similarly on a bad grumpy ould day if i am feeling MEH…I am not saying i am annoyed with anyone in particular …merely I AM annoyed.

So in summary, i write with black humour and a large dash of honesty, about

  • my life,
  • my mood,
  • my morals,
  • my personality,
  • my ideals, 
  • my health,
  • my heroes words,
  • my music….
  • the odd pearl of wisdom…
  • discoveries i make in life…
  • my emotions…
  • my worries….
  • my regrets….
  • my thoughts…
  • ME.


I can assure you no individual is damaged or meant to be damaged in any blog.

Can i clearly say i am VERY happy with my care…

i on the other hand am NOT impressed with my condition..

.but THAT’s LIFE…

MY life!

warts and all



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