recovery….. the tradeoff….

i had a great few days with the family.

That was so well worth having.

LOVE laughing with my children and husband.

Yes i am still me…the crock…the chiarian.

Still recovering from brain surgery.

Or has recovery stopped?

But i did all the sensible things like

  • using my cane
  • sleep each day
  • sat during EVERY match
  • sat on beach
  • even use a wheelchair for long treks
  • even got laughs at it and the antics of the lads pushing me
  • took GOOD pain cocktail

so i should NOT forget this is the trade-off.

a good day means a recovery day.

TODAY i hurt :

  • back of head
  • back of neck
  • feet
  • legs weak
  • arms unusually weak
  • eyes tired
  • was slurred speech yesterday
  • headache
  • head too heavy
  • need to lie down

THAT is a Chiari Malformation  – a Chiari Malformation and what it does to a life.

Am NEVER gonna love my recovery day…but at least i have no choice but RESPECT IT….

sure my brain would just turn me off!



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