that curveball

 it was MY LIFE

nothing special

or maybe it was and i didn’t realise it.

i LOVED it

the people

the music

the flow

the constancy

the routine

all of it.



i can’t describe it

batted like hell

fought it

but it had happened

my bat had been TAKEN out

it had gone

curveball1it was thrown when my back was turned!

completely off guard

when i trusted we weren’t playing

and by one of my TEAM

i was naive

never so shocked.

my fundamental values rocked

balance gone

thrown to the floor


pieced life back as best i could

NOTHING is permanent

but some people you miss

some music you miss hearing

some routines will never look boring – if you still had them they would be comfort



replaced by loss



i STILL don’t know how

i still amn’t on my feet

but that life was taken

by that person

who stood up

and threw

with force



a curveball.

but you carry a bat.


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