i am…

today I AM in too much pain to think….so i AM….in pain…

at least i have a brain

  • ALWAYS in painbrainfog
  • dizzy
  • suffering from rare illness
  • numb in my leg
  • happy with family
  • determined to do what i can with them despite my illness
  • lucky to have the supportive husband i have
  • glad of friends there for metake-my-hand
  • glad to be there for my friends
  • sad to be without mammy
  • proud and so grateful for daddy
  • determined to try to keep going
  • physically ready to accept weaknesswheelie
  • bored
  • inside i have ideas
  • i need to make music soon
  • struggled to disentangle faith from wrong 20140722-175925-64765190.jpg
  • able to talk
  • loving meeting friends
  • so lucky to have as much genuine support in community
  • in my home
  • in my home town
  • honest
  • here and stayingkermit

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