an example of my life…in the slow lane..

at least i have a brain


started wakeup calls at 10.30 – husband brought brekkie to me

both eyes would not co-operate.

back to sleep.

husband brought up cuppa and woke me for REAL at 11.45

THIS time i had the energy to put the feet out of bed.

BUT my legs were very weak and tired – recovering i suppose from having gone out to lunch yesterday – walked ALL the way from car park into the hotel!

goooo meeeee!

it’s a tired i can’t really describe  – weak like bad flu – but jst in your legs – or like the leg -pain that goes with meningitis…that’s really all i can depict it as.


decompression scalp…. HAIR SORE day…thus a little half plait, and a big half plait…symmetry? pfft! photo 2 (11)

down stairs.

TIRED legs by the time i got there.

into the car and off to Belfast – son had appointment

lay back…

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