being middle aged is tough because

middle age…. it is NOT EASY…it means you really have to GROW UP!

at least i have a brain

being middle aged is tough because:

you have lived through a LOT of life now

you have gained knowledge and wisdom

people are too young to die

friends all carry real crosses

everyone seems to be a carer suddenly

you are now old enough to understand all the bad things that happen

you have the scars of power being abused

you know that you can’t rely on someone getting your back

you feel the weight of responsibility

yet you have learnt that you can not protect your family from real life.

you feel like a parent to so many people

warning, seeing the dangers, but unable to teach

you now feel the depths of depravity of inhuman acts fully

you see the truth of the old “life’s too short”

you realise the wisdom of your parents when it is too late to benefit

and too late to tell them


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