Recovery day!

Hate them…but HAVE them…fact!



you’d expect them after a marathon, a big day of gardening, a night out…

you wouldn’t expect them after the tiny events that seem able to floor some of us!

i hate that aspect of it.

over the last year have had to accept them.

this weekend i can only assume that the recovery is from the mundane efforts of being a mammy-

no! i am not disrespecting MAMMY role…

but the parts that i assume triggered last night and today feeling –

  • HUGE pain,
  • sight blurred
  • nausea
  • more neck pain
  • weak as water

but people with chronic pain HAVE these recovery days!

were backing the children’s school books on Friday night –

not heavy work.

but bending forward and back for a few hours.

and YES have an obstinate me that WILL do them in one go!

can’t switch that off altogether.



and then yesterday, i framed photographs….long overdue.

2 years and more of this

so had again to bend forward and back

leaning over and sitting upright again.

i DID feel it in my back.

but it NEEDED to be done.

milestone- i DID something visible.

photo 1 (15)


but i woke during the night feeling ROTTEN

and today i should have been away with family to my in-laws.

but instead an hour and a half after eating the breakfast made for me, i am now downstairs.

armed with next drugs cocktail…pillow…blanket.


i cannot argue with the grey feeling

from HEAD ti TOE

(but in my case…mostly from my HEAD)

i feel ROTTEN

my chiari is flaring its ugly head in terms of symptoms

and when my BRAIN says REST…

even if my body wants to say no…

it CAN’T

so every organ listens

and i need to recover!slower



  1. Having had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 19 years now, I’m beginning to learn about the need to consider the consequences of a lot of activity. The effects hit about 24 hours later so I just have to try and remember that there is a price to pay for most things. Reminds me of my late mother’s oft quoted saying: ‘Take what you want, said God. Take it and pay for it!!’
    Hope the resting won’t take too long.

      • Helen, it makes total sense. I reckon that a whole new approach is required when struck down and one in which we focus on what we have done as opposed to what we think we should have been able to do. Comparing past and present is depressing but I have found comparing what I can do now compared to when at low ebbs with CFS is my only hope.
        Also I try and see recovery days as days when I am listening to my body’s needs as opposed to a waste of time. So much is in how we perceive things and once I changed my tune, I found more peace. No use beating oneself up; there’s enough other things doing that!

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