honesty V diplomacy

would be EASIER to be less HONEST…but I couldn’t change…

at least i have a brain

I amn’t diplomatic.

I am honest.

Life MUST be easier if you are diplomatic!

honesty carries a heavy responsibility

honesty does NOT make you popular.

but how do diplomats live with conscience?

but GOD it is neither appreciated nor without consequence being honest!

could i change?


  • having or showing an ability to deal with people in a sensitive and tactful way
  • dealing with everybody and not apportioning blame,
  • resolution…for all?
  • giving an example – a middle of the road balanced “directed” example
  • having a code of expected, allowed behaviour.


  • being tuthful
  • in a situation of conflict you say it as it is! – no pussy footing around
  • resolution is NOT painless…people have to realise the impossibility of nobody feels any pain!
  • saying things as they are, give you responsibility for fallout, and for ultimately defending your situation
  • having put yourself on the line.you need take the enemies that…

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