bad hair day

this past few weeks have been more chiarian than norm

VERY nauseous.

VERY dizzy

even when moving very little.

seasick while sitting on the sofa…

yeah that


is a horrible feeling

and after the eye clinic this week, i do realise it is linked to the vestibular sense.

my “movement” tracker…

my where i am in time and space…

i am MAXING on the antinausea norm and upping to the “special” add ons 😦

it’s NOT nice.



    • but i am eight and half months decompressd!
      but having eye and vestibular balance problems…
      could be
      1 post traumatic surgery
      2 chiarian symptom
      3 post meningitis…
      pick a card….you know the drill 🙂
      Get well you!

      • My daughter is in a similar situation. She had the surgery July 2013. Her obstruction is huge, 28mm. She’s going for a second round soon, really no other choice. Wish you the best.

      • am wondering… am just self medicating away as we do… but debating contacting surgeon…
        i just feel that nausea is such a “weak” symptom…
        you know- relatively!

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