Like Drinking Poison


These words from the Master were the subject of our talk in worship this morning.

Forgiveness is hard! It is even more difficult when the pain is inflicted purposefully, repeatedly. Forgiveness takes strength and a willingness to let go. When we hold onto the hurt we are chaining ourselves to those who have harmed us. We are slaves to their actions and selfishness.


Forgiveness doesn’t begin with those who have wronged us saying; “I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” Oftentimes those who hurt us don’t realize it, don’t care or have justified their negative actions and words.

Forgiveness in most cases is a process. It happens over time. It cannot be forced or contrived. We accept our vulnerability, we release the anger, resentment and desire for retribution.

Forgiveness is a necessity for a healthy spirit and life. To not heal from the injuries done to us is to carry open festering…

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