the stages of Chronic Illness

this is the life of a chiari malformation

at least i have a brain


This is a STRANGE topic to be writing…and one i feel UNDER-EQUIPPED to write if am being completely honest, as I am still deciding on the sections.

stole this picture online.

for me…the stages begin with

PROVE ME: patience

you have these strange,nondescript, seemingly disjunct symptoms.

RANDOM eclectic mix of symptoms and organs and invisible so questionably “yer nerves!” And of course each time you lay down another symptom, it’s like the formation of a sedimentary rock…it forms another layer …and it STAYS!

  • neck pain
  • back pain
  • shoulder pain
  • aching/burning/radiating into neck
  • tiredness sitting for extended periods at a desk/piano
  • irregular heart beat
  • sporadic then long-term “episodes” of tachycardia.
  • pain injections develop to pain nerve spinal ablations
  • numb lower right leg – how random!
  • car accident – this lower back pain (you can never have enough pain)
  • tingling in soles of feet when raised, or when legs crossed
  • BLINDING vice grip…

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