i HATE gossip!


is ugly

and toxic

and destructive

it’s another word for


red ears

always someone

small-town specialism

when you don’t join in you are admitting ALL that is said about you is GOSPEL

but then whose gospel is that?

gossipers are so exciting so notorious and yet they always gain followers

gossipers must be KNOWN to be gossipers

this somehow makes it more interesting -conceivable really is NOT an important issue!

from MY experience

i can now advise on gossip protocol.

pick a VICTIM.

truth would not be nearly THIS exciting!

ideally a person who has done nothing more wrong than to take a stand –

a lonely spot

or to be a quiet person.

the you gather a group around you and contort  all information to within an inch of its life

attempting to suffocate the reputation and integrity of this target .

comfortably relying on the fact that they will take the higher moral ground and will NOT play tit-for-tat

previous example of good character are irrelevant.

so the gossipers –  are now a group –

 a dignified silent victim generally relies on the people knowing truth

now when GOSSIP is expertly done, right and wrong become entirely irrelevant and would, quite simply, stand in the way of a good story!

GOOD GOSSIP is exciting…it seems…

truth irrelevant it seems…

and common sense no longer part of the requirements for conversation.

strangely it does NOT relate to people’s previous knowledge of the “gossiper” as a gossip

nor of their knowledge of the subject involved.

It bears NO RESEMBLANCE to logic and loses all sense of credibility if done well!

CONFRONTING the gossip in asking “challenging” questions is, it appears me “being rude”

….that one perplexes me…

it is okay to be the subject of gossip for as long as you remain silent…

What a fascinating method of being cruel!

i think i prefer my BORING and REAL life to the BULLSHIT soap opera woven about me albeit more exciting.

i HATE Gossip.

Does nobody look for truth anymore?

Is it not important?

It is to me and to my children…

Those who thrive on it should always reverse away from the gossipers…


keep teaching that GOSSIP is wrong…at EVERY level,




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