sometimes you ARE too old!

i KNOW i’m no spring  chicken.

i walk into a clothes shop and break out in a cold sweat if i feel am shopping where my daughter should.

but am not yet ready for the grey and brown and SAFE matronly wear!

so am still dying the hair…

NO- not black as a crow cos that i think is a desperate look….black is NOT your natural colour any more after a certain decade. and the CLUE is…if your face looks GREY then chances are your hair changed BEFORE your skintone.

So i now dye my hair a completely unnatural blonde – am ahead of my dark roots and taking that pre-emptive step…and have the PALEST foundation as i can see the grey tones of my face 🙂

but it’s an ISSUE…when you are a MUSICIAN.

Today i sang as soloist.

It was good – NOT what it was 27 years ago when i decided to major in vocals…but good as in able to use it, control it, work with the quality i still have, and set suitable challenges for my older vocal cords. Music should always be judged on sound.on pleasure it brings…on adding to an occasion. on TALENT as being something you can do that can’t be done as well by others…when it adds emotional depth for others…so LET my occasions be smaller…my targets be reachable…

but MUSIC is a very public art – it can be brutal and unforgiving. And to me i want to grow older  – and do what my voice and my body can…NO MORE.growold

(yes i know that THIS body could not take up THAT position even in its youth! but theoretically i like the concept).

HOW is it that i STILL on the BUCKET-LIST would have :

  • sing with Tony Bennett
  • hear and see Stevie Wonder
  • sing along and enjoy Tom Jones
  • admire the reinventions of Madonna
  • age like Shirley Bassey?

    and yet i SQUIRM with a mix of pain, pity, shame, sadness when i watch other AGING performers?


  • i want to retire BEFORE my voice does
  • before i get “polite” comments
  • when my MUSIC is still a source of enjoyment not embarrassment
  • before i tarnish the memory of what i used to be able to do
  • when i still don’t feel i am like any of the above – aging rockers!
  • when gravity has not pulled my voice into very unnatural regions
  • when i need to mime and have my upper notes covered for me
  • before my “old vibrato” is louder and slower than my notes.

so PLEASE…once i start to go from the first group to the SECOND…TELL ME!!!!!





  1. Rod Stewart is 69 and still fantastic. I saw an interview with him a couple of days ago and he’s been on tour. He was talking about retiring before he couldn’t do it anymore as well.

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