do you need RECOVERY days?

am having a RECOVERY day… life in the SLOW LANE!

at least i have a brain

if you don’t NEED recovery days, then you probably do not understand the concept of recovery days…

this is an attempt to explain.

yesterday i was ME…i LOVED it…i performed music for a few hours.

i LOVE that…

it meant so so much to me, and to my family and friends…

it is my gift – my talent.

i can think musically…


and i am so glad i have been trusted with that gift.


Today is a RECOVERY DAY.

yes i still have my talent…BUT it is now pay-off for having that day of feeling “human”.

Yes i am still me…the crock…the chiarian.

obviously i did all the sensible things like

  • using my cane
  • sleep each day
  • sat during all my music
  • barely stood up
  • no carrying
  • took GOOD pain cocktail
  • took NO CHANCES!

so once again….I should NOT forget this is the trade-off.

a good day means a…

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