from the ridiculous to the sublime

my experience of good and bad appointments…healthcare at its most interested and frankly disinterested!

at least i have a brain

from the ridiculous to the sublime…sublime

yes once i start off in the extreme adjectives don’t you know it’s a HEALTH PROVISION rant?

OBVIOUSLY I AM SPEAKING IN MY HUMBLE OPINION – not medically qualified – but life qualified – and HONEST.

when you have 4 children- as I do…and your health is complicated -as mine is…then you do see your share of practices.

we do pay a holy fortune for Private Healthcare – NOT as we approve of having to, but as a realistic there are some lengths of time i am not willing to wait for. Some of my WORST appointments have been Private ones. In my experience it passes waiting list times but is NOT by any means a quality appointment guaranteed! To be honest i think many of my worst have been Private appointments.

So as a not-so-secret-healthcare-shopper of healthcare i have spoken before of the…

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