link being a mam …..Mamma-mia

being a mam….is not easy!

at least i have a brain

me-a Mamma .….Mamma-mia

When you have your children, you get the baby pack….the one that takes you from heartburn to haemmorhoids.
You are carried along by a swell of good will and experts who do everything from teach you how to breastfeed to handle colic.
Then the rules and the guide book runs out…nothing prepares you for the real LABOUR…the labour of being a mum!
the pain you feel when there is a cut knee
the worry when there is a temperature
the broken bones
the hospital overnights when you barely sleep for worrying
the beautiful years when they love you and look openly into your eyes, mirroring your love with their need to be loved.
watching them petrified, as you give them a bit of freedom to play out the front…to mingle…to play near a road
the school days when they are away from you and suddenly peer…

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