video 10 reasons i’d make a great doctor…

what kind of doctor would i be?

at least i have a brain

Do you know, the ONLY job i considered which didn’t specifically involve Maths and Music, was Medicine…actually possible Forensic Medicine! (but in my defence, careers education was so rubbish in the 70s, that MY idea of Forensic pathology was based on Quincy!)

But i think i wasn’t so wussy, and had stood up for my own opinions, and not been so easily affected i could have ended up doing medicine!.BUT if i had been the wussy “yes” person that  i was then i would have made a rubbish doctor who played it safe!

Now i would be a good Doctor!


  1. I would be a THINKER…i wouldn’t use the word VIRUS…unless i had the blood tests to back it up. Any thing would have to be reasoned out or i would stick at it.
  2. I’d be HONEST –to my reasons for being a doctor. Not a clock-in -ten-minute-slot doctor. I really…

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