what does disabled look like?

based on a weekend away – with my wheelchair . All was NOT well.

at least i have a brain

what does disabled look like?


This is me…

standing at the mirror.

make up on for the day out with my children and hubby.

All set.

(look CAREFULLY my right eye is NOT aligned properly. or a bit more closely and my right cheek is smaller than my left)

otherwise…am fairly “human” ….i think.crip3

THIS is me yesterday – with my two sons.


even wearing a bright hair accessory and a bright outfit.

not ONE bit apologetic.

Zoom in carefully and the words on my necklace read “CARPE DIEM”

surely to God my Diems are well and truly Carpe-ed?

technicalbraindiffsthe secret is i have a BRAIN CONDITION!

i live in PAIN.

i have incredible balance problems, vision problems, incredible fatigue, nausea, headaches, leg weakness, neck pain, back pain, numb and tingling bits of both hands, feet, face, leg. The right side of my face has “dropped” and recently the…

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