i’m SORRY…that’s all.

an apology is NOT a sign of weakness

an apology is a mature reflection on a way to learn from something

an apology is a VERY important statement is a friendship is to survive

an apology should NEVER be tainted with the word “if”

an apology is simple

it is never too late to say you’re sorry.

it is a statement of how you feel- open and unqualified by limits

if you feel awkward with a situation , then chances are you need to clear the air…honestly

don’t walk away feeling guilty…

you KNOW in your conscience…

you know in your heart…

you FEEL it in your gut…

please don’t wave sadly a teary goodbye rather than just speak

the weight lifted from both sets of shoulders…will be tangible

does this person matter to you?

then…3 words.


and the world could change!

don’t choke on them

don’t qualify them

be the strong person who reaches out

don’t wish you could have said them- that is too late

why are they so difficult:


that’s all!


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