tell me what i mean NOW!

Life is too short!

at least i have a brain

Have been reading all these lovely TRIBUTES to celebrities who have died recently :Gerry Anderson, and Albert Reynolds…and last week Robin Williams…
And i think we Irish people have got it really WRONG!
WHY oh WHY can’t we tell people how great they are when they are ALIVE??
maybe a pat on the back will help them more that you know…it won’t help them when they have gone.
I’m sorry but i think it’s SAD that we
wait til people are dead to tell them what they meant to us!
 I understand it’s NICE and so helpful to the family bereaved when at the wake, tales are told of how wonderful the person was…..but can we not do BOTH?
please don’t wait til i have died to tell me what you wanted to….
mean to you


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