Thanks daddy..

i have the best father in the world… i love my daddy, and all that he has given me.

at least i have a brain


Thanks daddy!

for the sweet pea.

for the sense of JUSTICE – you gave me…in very large quantity!

for the strength to say it as it is – even though am sure you have long since rued the day.

for determination – you used yours at many times – and God knows you had to. I have now…and i will …to do my best for being not being treated well enough.

for confidence – which i gained indirectly 0 by being so LIKE you i had to stand up to you.

NOT for teaching me to drive – lucky we BOTH survived that with no charge of murder – bad idea.

for my developing an intolerance of LIES – because of what you were faced with. i will NEVER compromise that.

for the flowers …which YOU grow and i admire… you definite garden like an extreme protestant, and i therefore…

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