Life is too SHORT

on 17th November 1964 i was born.

So in NOVEMBER, i shall be 50.

no face lifts, no divorces, no legal suits against me, no major disasters….

so just 50!

these gorgeous creatures are shiny and smiley and well maintained and presented.

so why do i not want to be 50?

being 30 was a HUGE anticlimax

being 40 was a strange sense of being grown up. Old enough to stand up for yourself – and i DID!.


so why 50? sure amn’t i 49 now?

i am lucky to be alive….is that not a positive?5010

This is WELL over the middles-aged lower limit – as I know of not many 100 year olds – do you?

But i need to see what i can find about 50 to feel POSITIVE about…

it is NOT coming naturally, and to be honest while scraping the barrel of what’s good about it? is i found a pearl of wisdom from Jim Carrey – (i don’t even particularly like Jim Carrey.) but let’s start there!50th-birthday-quotes

so WHAT do i do?

how do i behave?

i have a PARTY…

a #Lifestooshort party

not about my age, but about the fact that some of my friends didn’t make it, and the fact that i am fed up meeting at wakes.


and i cannot wait.

and at THAT age i do not need pressies…we need give money to charity….

anoyone who means anything to me is welcome and invite…the most eclectic bunch EVER gathered…. roll on Saturday 🙂




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