absolutely FABULOUS


being 50.

HEAD ON. with :

  • attitude20141115_0002_Helen_50th_Gaels
  • Patsy Stone as my style iconAbsolutelyFabulous_EddyPatsyShop_600x338-300x169
  • with leopard print heels to DIE for or to fall over and die from?20141115_0003_Helen_50th_Gaels
  • with more SEQUINS than Beyonce could pull off 20141115_0020_Helen_50th_Gaels
  • with so many friends and family who cared to spent the evening with us 20141115_0024_Helen_50th_Gaels
  • an inCREDIBLE cake20141115_0051_Helen_50th_Gaels
  • plenty of drugs and alcohol… (albeit prescribed and NECESSARY)…
  • an unfailable mottoFeatured Image -- 8106
  • a charity collection for Rare Diseases…like mine!
  • we DID it. we channeled an Ab Fab 50
  • today CRIPPLED but WORTH it for the night we all had…
  • Thankful and lucky


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