the OLD ME…again.

1. i HATE the idea of dieting cos life is too short.
2. long term illness has an associated fitness+medication+weight problem for many people
3. i decided when Caoilte had to “wheel” me around Derry this summer, that i didn’t want to continue to gain weight AND that i needed to try to lose a bit.
4. i contacted Sandra Miskimmin, as a friend, about my NOT believing her “food plan” would work for me, but needing to try.
5. i just wanted to be the me that fitted my own clothes...
6. i very strictly did what i was told…and lost a stone and a half in nine weeks …that’s all. no aim to be thin – just ME….
but means a LOT to me.

in 9 weeks am HUMAN…now can get dressed without being exhausted.
can put on my shoes and cut my toe nails a bit easier.
i did it 🙂
photo 4
me in July.

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