yesterday, Caritas- the new chamber choir that i am lucky enough to direct, had its first public appearance.
Today a choir has been born to us….

8 weeks ago this was an idea….and a few people.

now musically we performed as 25 people…

  • performed 20 carols
  • featured 8 solo singers
  • used 5 of our players as a brass quintet,
  • arranged, performed a traditional Irish carol medley featuring 3 members.
  • were the focus of a fundraising event for local Cancer charity…
  • we were Caritas.,,,in its meaning…

in the 8 weeks, so much has changed.

I have been told so many times how i am looking “so much better”…”great to see you finally improving”…i am NO better. I have just removed the silence that was left in my life. The silence that had been placed where music belonged. I felt the change… the feelgood factor… the odd smile as i lay shattered after a practice…my home open to musicians as it was before….

thank God for that!

the people in the group are definitely now among my friends.

They commit ed to weekly practices, sectional practices on Sundays in my house, ensemble rehearsals again here…but spent so much time and energy WISHING to form the group we set out to.



The day before we appeared one of our loved members, and one of those i would look on as one of my closest friends died. We dedicated a very emotional performance to Peter.

He was there…in the group…in our thoughts and tears.

at least i have a brain

And the greatest of all is charity…..


Line breaks: cari|tas

Pronunciation: /ˈkarɪtɑːs




Christian love of humankind; charity.

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