My God.

This is MY GOD….in whom i am well pleased 🙂

at least i have a brain

My God is very important to me.

My God i believe in.

He isn’t any particular colour

He hasn’t got a specific face like the coca-cola Santa.

He is.

He knows me.

I mull over things in my conscience and that is me communicating with God.

no confession box, no intermediary needed – sure I would only be lost in the translation.

what i do, is between me and God.

I was born and Christened a Catholic.

I connected very closely with the Catholic Church for so much of my life so far.

I was very open about my pic n mix Catholicism – there are parts of the dogma that to me are inappropriately archaic in a world where we live modern lives.

i feel under Francis as Pope, the Church will hopefully modernise some of the outdated notions.

I have had to learn the difference in being a…

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