that hurts :(


Once upon a time i thought that life was this simple.

but i got hurt…badly hurt…and by people i loved.

my wounds are healed, or as much as they will ever be.

it has been amazing how much affect and effect can happen from a tiny aggrieved person –

and also amazes me how may people listen to what MUST seem implausible as they know me

and how few have ever bothered to find out the actual story…

is this what people are like?

this is not how i am…avoidance

i am not a hard person so each time something affects me, i hurt all over again.

but a few examples of things that were hard to deal with…

it hurts when a friend who knows you doesn’t stand by you.

it hurts when you hear back nonsense about yourself…

being the subject of gossip -cheaptalk but not being spoken to hurts

when someone lets me know they have a version of events that hurts…

i would always tell the truth if asked,,

it breaks my heart when a relationship becomes awkward… and you know this is why.

when you can’t text me, nor visit me…that GAP where you were is so painful.

when you half wave at me..i wince

when we can’t talk as friends…i feel wounded again.

Please God time will allow the truth to surface…but until then i remain the outsider…alone…hurt

when all the time all you had to do was ask me…i would have told you the truth.


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