OMG kind of PAINFUL.

today my BRAIN feels like it is trying to BURST out of my head.

BAD BAD pain day – even relative to normal pain day…

no…i do NOT remember what PAINFREE feels like

and i feel SICK.



  1. Reblogged this on galesmind and commented:
    This is not a well known disease but it is really debilitating. I have a friend on Facebook that also has it. He has a wicked wit and shares information. I am sorry both of you suffer with it. I hope today becomes better.

  2. I’m so glad gale reblogged this or I would never have sen your blog – I too am an arnold chiari sufferer, I’ve had it operated on twice and both times it has failed and I am now being told to basically put up and shut up. I have TMJD as well on top of it. There is so little awareness of these types of conditions and it’s almost impossible to describe the pain you feel. I hope today gets better, what meds do you take? I know it seems odd that I’m excited by this but even on neurological forums it can be hard to find current sufferers!

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