Hospital time

The OMG headache was exactly that.
Am now having had last 2 nights inpatient.

Last night was first time we really reached the pain.
Morphine needed.
Sleep needed.
scans showed no structural change so thankfully looks like no surgery required nor no trip to Belfast.
He’s still incredibly painful.
Hair painful
Lying In the bed painful
Washes of numbness in legs and back of head.

Neuro observations

More neuro observations- finger nose… Follow pen… Yes right pupil is slower…

Can’t fault the care
The wonders of the big plush hospital means at this time that I can keep my room dark. Cold. Quiet. Cos it is just mine. And that has been exactly what I have been doing.
So perfect space for me to be.
More morphine planned.
And steroids to take down any inflammation which may be involved in what we now feel is a flare up of my condition.
Oh and a pain rejig.

So doctors thinking way outside the box with the rare condition label.

At the end of this I will be seeing a pain clinic. Somewhere. Progress in a big way when that happens. Not that can change condition but just the daily management.
I hope.
I hope out tomorrow.
We talk a day at a time.
I want home. And drugs a plenty and clear plans for good day, a bad day, a call the ward day.

Oh and will have triggered an appointment soon in neurosurgery clinic.
So more progress
All progress.






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