Christmas has been about lots of things.

For most of my life it has been religious, and more specifically musically liturgical.

From early childhood, through teaching…

into adulthood…family attended musical Christmas events in Church.

I have grown up now.

The Christmas i want now is a real Christmas.

  • a sense of being
  • an enjoyment of “time” – effortless, unplanned time
  • an awareness that nobody else’s view of me matters
  • its me…my family…my life…my happiness…my HOME

that is what Christmas is.

being at home – in every sense of the word.

home has associations at Christmas

  • meat cooking smells
  • surplus foods
  • friends
  • presents
  • presence
  • tunnocks teacakes
  • family tins of chocolates
  • fire lit
  • tree lights
  • candles
  • carols
  • HUGS
  • miles of wrapping paper
  • phone calls
  • The Great escape
  • The sound of music
  • hugs
  • loneliness
  • family
  • paper hats
  • shopping lists
  • TV specials
  • buy too much of everything…just in case
  • not wanting to fall asleep
  • falling asleep
  • pub as a family on Christmas eve

I have grown up.

i know now what matters

i will now be with people who want  me to be there.

Who matters

Who i matter to.

who want me and respect me.

That is enough.

That is all.

Thankyou for the experiences – not all easy – or pleasant that brought me to see the Christmas i now have.

Here is to health, happiness, love..

life is too short.lifeis



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