inside and outside…NEVER judge a Helen by the cover!…

never JUDGE me….not on superficial glance, or worse on toxic here-say…
I am HERE…clear to see and honest to ask.

at least i have a brain

 if i were a book, you wouldn’t judge me by my cover.

but since i am a person, how many people are willing to take a look at what they say and make a judgement without reading the prologue….

read this before you decide…

  1. Inside I am in pain – constantly. Outside sometimes i cloak that and it me just read as depressed. and yet the ultimate in irony is that when Inside when i am depressed, I can do the normal thing and mask THAT and keep my children unaware that i am so that Outside it may just seem am in pain. pain1
  2. Inside i am aware of injustices – a leftie…outside this comes across as aggression and to those who don’t look for the reasons i may be judged wrongly. Outside with my children i hope this comes across as standing up for what is right –…

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