our 25th….. together

This day last year was our SILVER WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!

at least i have a brain


24 years married today!

googled 24…got Jack Bauer, NHS 24.

so tried to decide how to mark the 24 years….and decided maybe pick a view on each year.

  1. 1988 this day was a dry, crisp day. Had the choir sing carols at the Wedding. Looking back now so many folks not there any more…but outstanding fact is ! “What possessed me to pick that dress?” – could i have had any more detail on it? Went to Madiera on honeymoon …water-poisoning…spent a week in bed in tears…thought I would NEVER get home! But we did , home to first house and to a wee puppy Tootsie – so it felt like a home 🙂
  2. 1989 – still very much the junior staff in school. Very easy picking for a hateful boss – and she was! Not a happy period for me.Suffered panic attacks about the way i was being treated…

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