Chiari Decompression – Day 1 (Jimmy on behalf of Helen)

reading my way through this is like reading about brain surgery on someone else!… i had promised to blog all the good, bad and ugly bits…. even had to convince my husband to keep the blog live while i was incapable of telling it. Am GLAD we did it as even now it is real to ME now.
so this day last year…

at least i have a brain

Hi folks – good evening!

Hopefully Helen is sleeping now – drugged up on whatever max medicine she can be given. She was very sore when I left her at 9.30 this evening. Patiently (not very) waiting on the doctor to deliver medicines  ..  there’s no difference in the Neurosurgery Ward than in any other – shift changeover at 8pm (to 9pm) means that you might have to suffer while handover happens. BUT – in defence of the Royal – the nursing staff were brilliant during the day. Helen’s nurse was still there after 9pm  .. despite her shift finishing at 8pm  ..  and still caring for Helen.

The day of a chiari decompression is a long one – both for the patient and her (in this case) family. 

Helen was taken from the ward at about 9.30am  ..  for a CT. We hadn’t been advised about this beforehand and…

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