friendship is about quality not quantity.

friendships aren’t always for lifef4

they can form in situations where you aren’t looking

friends don’t steer away from the bad bits…whatever you need to say they will listen.

when you want a distrsction from the bleak reality, they know that.
friends talk straight and don’t huff when you are for you1

some friends are like jigsaws…you know tbat eben though you don’t meet flr months, you slot in perfectly together.

a real frienship is never a guilty have to do item…the friend will understand when you need to disappear for a bit.

a friend is not a person who discusses looselipped what they hear.madata friend says it ad it is…your bum looks big, your boyfriend is bad, you are very sick…

they don’t always agree with you and that is why you value their opinion.

it will be honest.

they support you.

they correct

they let you cry ontheir shoulder…only when its appropriate

they are the one you need to tect,call,tweet when life shits on you.

they are never off duty.

they come in many guises

they hold your hand when you’re scared.

they don’t pretend all will be great…just that they will be there.

we need real friends…others

to love us as we are…and help us as we need.


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