Chiari Decompression – Day 3 (Jimmy on behalf of Helen)

This day last year…once again, this is like a VIEW for the first-time of my brain surgery – and also a view from the husband perspective, which can’t be easy either…

at least i have a brain

So – Day 3 at an end – for me anyway.

It’ll still be well in progress for Helen though.

I managed to get into Helen 3 times today – morning, afternoon and evening. The ward was crazy in the afternoon – so many visitors at most of the 6 beds. Refer back to Day 2 comments as regards danger of infections! 

Helen is in effect tied to the bed. The catheter and lumbar drain mean she cannot move – except to turn on her side when the nurse is claiming her 15 mls of CSF per hour. Lying on her side seems to speed up the process of draining the CSF. Normally it takes about 10-15 minutes per hour  ..  but has lasted for over 30 minutes on occasion. The bag for collecting the lumbar drain contents is now at well over 1/2 a litre. The colour of the…

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