small change

my birthday recently…we decided to have a #lifestooshort party. an excuse to spend time with people we enjoy. Didn’t NEED anything…so we did a charity collection…an decided to do it for NIRDP …rare diseases like mine. So the notes were collected nd the big tupperware thing full of coins from our kitchen went too…had sat there for ages…years maybe…

so link this in context…

me, mine, and other bits

We wheeled a heavy trolley into the supermarket last night, had some fun, and then skipped out gleefully, feeling a lot richer than when we went in.

We’d visited the coin counting machine.

The family and friends of HH had made generous donations to our charity, in respect of her birthday. They’d not just done a silent collection- they’d emptied their pockets, purses and money boxes. There were many notes, some cheques and a lot of coins. We added our money boxes brimming with 1p, 2p & 5p pieces.

I’d gathered a bundle of coin bags from the bank, but Spurs Fan is the sensible one in the house. He realised that we’d never manage to count all those thousands of coins without incident. There’d be losses, rows and tears, and all that without even getting the girls involved. Instead we entertained staff and customers in the supermarket as we…

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