Chiari Decompression – Day 5 (Fionn and Caoilte on behalf of Helen)

This is how New Years Eve feels like when your mammy has left you all together to have he brain surgery… my 11 yr old and 13 year old explain it through THEIR eyes.

at least i have a brain

So – your Chiari Day 5 blog is brought to you today by Helen’s 2 youngest children – Fionn (13 years old) and Caoilte (11 years old and ‘awesome’ – his own description)


Hi this is Caoilte (the last and best child by far),

it’s been a weird week with our mum stuck in the royal hospital in Belfast, and us remaining 5 in a nice small house in Belfast too.

At the days coming up to the operation, I didn’t really have much time to think about the dangers of brain surgery, with it being Christmas and all, but I became more aware of them as the days progressed (you can blame my dad for that). 

I didn’t expect my mum to be this awake at this point, as I thought she would be falling to sleep every 10-15 minutes, but you would be surprised at her progression…

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