new years Eve – my message.

the older i get, the more i dislike New Year’s Eve.
It is an emotional look round at who is here, and a sad look at who we loved and lost this year. We even wonder who will be here next year…
i HATE it.
and the more years i live the more i hate it. I am not trying to be a party pooper but i HATE it.
This year has had some dreadfully low moments – but i suppose they help us realise the value of true friends.
So i think am not doing the obvious sentiment…it’s not worth anything to me..but i would like to share with you what has been a big thought and a big sentiment to me this year…and will continue to as long as i go on…
don’t put things off
don’t leave words unsaid.
don’t avoid talking.
don’t think you will do it soon..
enjoy spending time with people you love
make TIME for people you care about.
and THANK-YOU to those friends who make time for me.
God Bless


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