my weaknesses are my strengths

has nobody else noticed that their STRENGTHS can also be their weaknesses?
in my case, my strengths have been used to defeat me… 😦

at least i have a brain

my weaknesses are my strengths.

i have realised this for a LONG time now…

my weaknesses, my Achilles heal are my morals, my code of conduct.

The ultimate IRONY.


my strengths have once been used to manipulate me…to weaken me…to force me.

it’s like beating a football team , by playing against them with their OWN style of tactics!

My STRENGTHS…once they are known…are my VULNERABILITIES…my Weaknesses.

but i can’t change them.

my BODY is not strong…but my mind, morals and persistence are.


Easier to think of negatives but am deliberately challenging the Irish tendency to do that- and going for my 10 strengths!

my 10 strengths 

  1. ability to think outside the box – to see ways around problems that others miss.
  2. determination. to follow through what i undertake FULLY…..and it will be well done.
  3. i am honest and trustworthy. i have decided that despite the occasional friends it costs…

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