Doctors…try to see an OVERALL person!

as you get a symptom you tend to get a new treatment but once an UMBRELLA condition can CAUSE a lot of those symptoms, who then takes a PAIN MEDICATION expert view…and without throwing you into the DTs, will adjust the drugs you take…
to me Chronic illness need MEDICATION overviews…periodically… before we decay.

at least i have a brain

i would imagine that since you cover the basic skeleton in A-level Biology, that it is a very fundamental and early part of Medicine Course.

Why then do doctors – GPs, then take step One:

farm you out to specialists of particular organ groups for years as the conditions develop…

in my case:

  1. lungs – specialist
  2. neck/shoulder – initally physio, then xray…never an orthapod!
  3. pain management
  4. heart – surgery
  5. more pain management- still no orthopod.or OT!
  6. admission for headaches – scans…
  7. clinical psychology – when i realise the limitations of my life standard!
  8. neurology /neurosugery – when scans show problems in brain

i seem to have had a series of referrals, and then i realise that step TWO, of this logical process, should be to look at the overall me. The possibility that one condition could be related to another, exacerbated by another, helped by linking it to another and…

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