you know what makes me annoyed?

at least i have a brain

you know what makes me annoyed?

I am a fairly strong and capable person in terms of doing what am good at. i take on the most crazy crusades and they engage me…and a fail makes me more determined to continue drive… But its amazing how some of the very simple things can really get to me!

  • rude shop assistants – the ones who KNOW without checking that they have none in age 9…”everything we have is out!”
  • people who are ageist- and openly so!
  • mental health conditions NOT taken seriously or not discussed as if they are perfectly normal!
  • NHS trust managers’ arrogance…and i generalise…it may only be 90% of them
  • alzheimers and the ignorance of doctors in treating it, and of the state in HELPING the carer – or NOT.
  • illogical waiting lists
  • bad customer service.
  • people equating intelligence or education with entitlement to respect – respect is earned…

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