The wee bits all add up

written this day last year as i lay in neurosurgery ward…post operation.

at least i have a brain



20140105-143133.jpgwhen I waken in the middle of the night and I wonder where the hell am i? Why am in thins place? Am I in a hospital? And I ding fit hard to tell difference between day and night reality and nightmare hard to read that’s not normal.
That it seems ia Morphined and will be resisting my doctors comsiseridering removing it

Has been 10 days ish
10 days of fear sadness
10 days I’m my bed my wee wing other inmates come pans go
Of seeing how you’d family react emotionally some feeling underapptlropriate others showing depth where and when it is unexpected.
Days when have been so so tired I just can’t talk so jimmy has taken over as promised to tell it all as it happens.
So today am peeping aback at the 10 days with you. …

strength in people. This is a heavy ward neurosurgery…

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