ethical vocal teaching

voice2_jpgi sometimes forget the special position i am in as a vocal coach, relative to an instrumental teacher. i have the opportunity to design and build the instrument itself…to work on it…and then teach it.

to see a young pupil blossom as she incorporates the minute details you have taught her to value, and to choose each sound she produces is precious.

i could never teach singing…i work with each voice and i take time and pleasure in bringing out the quality i can see in that voice and the confidence that hearing her own voice builds in a pupil is something i will never tire of.

it is an emotional art form for me. it must be akin to sculpting. i get personally involved at an ethical level. Teaching should not be about grades but should be opening the pupil’s access to her talent, and developing a quality of ownership in her of every note she sings.

i love ethical vocal training.



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