music and the brain

MUSIC and the BRAIN….
i know after my surgery i found myself craving particular pieces to listen do?

then after i came home i kept hearing wee motifs and ended up writing a lot of music?

and in the MRI scanner i use “the Mozart effect” to concentrate on where in my body the sound is being absorbed…. and suddenly i am able to manage without feeling even a teeny bit claustrophobic.…/The-Mozart…/B004EVUP6K…

it GENUINELY is a fabulous therapy for the use of the old grey matter!

there are days when i analyse pieces before i teach them, and i get over excited about the tiniest wee details :

  • a slur i haven’t seen
  • a different phrasing in one part
  • an odd isolated lean mark
  • an unusual dynamic mark

and i get  so overwhelmed by the new discovery that for a while i try to get into the composer’s mindset  and decide WHY he did that…. i love those details! 🙂

yes nobody understands.

my autistic son has used music to regulate mood and to relax – initially guided by me, but now not generally needing me to help him select a piece as appropriate… he wrote about it yesterday when he saw another autistic child using music as a strength and a specialism…

and than randomly today my friend sent me THIS link….so it seems a lot of my musical ends are tying together recently for whatever reasons…

ENJOY music

if it is YOUR talent… use it!




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