musical cravings…..

at least i have a brain


I  have spent the last 8 weeks in hospital – not going mad – but getting well – after brain surgery.

i spent those weeks using music as I felt the need to.

using music in a me centred way that i hadn’t for years

I love that.

It was time to do that.

time to allow emotions to grow strong again.

The time-when your brain chooses what you need to listen to.

Have spent weeks moving through pieces that i have not chosen to listen to in years.

Have stuck in the i-phone headset and hit repeat, and listened and slept as it played.

It’s a strange thing, but I have found it before, when you browse blankly and you stop suddenly having sensed the sounds needed.

lying in bed feeling comfortable and yet needing to escape the reality of illness and pain.

It’s a great gift

a gift…

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