music and me… 🙂 thankyou for music x

at least i have a brain

yesterday a very wise man spoke about simple pleasures…

he said go outside and LISTEN to simple sounds.

have you ever wondered the LOSS in your life if they weren’t there?

i hadn’t but today i decided on some sounds i LOVE…

and they make me feel alive and good.

  1.  the breeze in the cherry blossom tree in the garden – YES in Fermanagh it is only a week or two until they are washed down, but for that few weeks…i love it.blossoms
  2. my two youngest sons …they come in from playing outside on the trampoline, and they almost FALL through the door laughing. We faces all flushed and in stitches laughing. That sound of happiness!
  3. has to be the dream i had of age…the dream that it was manageable to live at the sea. Not necessarily abroad- not really climate related , but the waves. The crashing, thundering, power…the…

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