We have sprung another leak.

this time last year had been brought BACK up to Belfast by ambulance, and was still leaking CSF…

at least i have a brain

We shoulda taken a book on this.
Cos. So far we haven’t had great likely outcomes.

We’ll wait for it

Last night I leaked again.
For whatever reason my brain would choose to burst through my tatty brain membrane that it would go through the lovely drain that was designed for it and implanted in theatre.

So I leaked all the pillow again last night.

So bloody demoralised.
Can’t describe how it feels.

As I stand now consultant is concerned we may need tj look at infection in CSF
Reposition the drain they put in on Thursday as it isn’t working well

And that is all before we look into shunt and all that business.

Today am very weepy
Am sorry but the long term nature of what we do has just hit me.
That and the fact that so far have had no luck

I don’t want to run…

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