Jaggy headache.

this night last year…was NOT in good form… in hospital

at least i have a brain

There are types of chiari malformation or intracranial pressure categories.

Today no pain all early day.
Pain free.
Obviously as my dura had burst last night so I was running on low level.

Then bout 6 o’clock pain.
Extremely severe stabbing your head open pain.
Grab your head make involuntary noises.

Stabbing head.


Especially when your veins have collapsed over the few Weeks and venflon or cannula or whatever it is just pops.

So over comes night cover dr and has to ret 4 veins which done work. Do hurt and male me black n blue.

They call for night resume vein A team. But a half hour later none here. Pain dire. Crying. As tablet forms will not hit ghost of this.
And crying really helps intracranial pressure and headache.

Why all this.
Why today?
When feel so shit low.



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