put ME in context

when you BLOG submerges with traffic…i like to do the reminder, about WHO i write for, WHO i write about, and then off you go…interpreting if you feel the need.

at least i have a brain

i am 50

i am a decent person

i blog – not to get the illusive bookdeal – but to clear the knot of life and trials in my HEAD

the page is my therapeutic space….

not yours.


i have NEVER been one of the girls who opens the magazines and READS out everyones stars…

too many teenaged girls read the horoscopes daily…WAITING to find one that fits comfortably….

too many women go to several fortune tellers to hear the news they want to hear…

too many times people read a blog and wonder “is that me?” …on any given day it could be many, many people.

i NEVER specify.

i wouldn’t.

but i BET if you look long enough….study and scrutinise enough…and critically enough…and doggedly enough… feel able to analyse me enough…….then i am sure you will feel that YOU WILL ALL BE THERE.


  • a bully
  • a…

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